MTF West Africa Academy presents Isolation Diaries

MTF West Africa Academy Class of 2020 Isolation Diaries

MTF West Africa Academy presents Isolation Diaries


Faced with the current COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, our Class of 2020 students were tasked with documenting and sharing their personal stories about the impact of COVID-19. Each student shot and edited a 3 minute silent mobile film made with zero budget. The result is ‘Isolation Diaries’ – 20 short films that portray the student’s fears, hopes and the realities of living in COVID times.

The short films are now available on the MTF Portal for you viewing pleasure. Each week viewers will have delve into the lives of 4 students, starting with the MTF West Africa Academy Class of 2020. The films are reminder that we are not alone in our daily struggles, there is always someone out there going through a similar struggle.

First up we have ADOM a short film by Ghanaian student, Christine Boateng. ADOM is about young lady wrestles with her financial struggles as she deals with the pressures from her landlady whom she’s been owing and ignoring for so many months.

Relax! is a story about Peace who tries meditation techniques to calm her anxieties to no avail. The short film is by Ghanaian student, Daphne Atsutse.

Aro’s Setback by Nigeria student Gbenga Gomes, deals with the harsh reality of unemployment. Diligent Aro loses his job as a result of the pandemic. Everything goes downhill as the financial crisis breaks him.

We continue with the unemployment theme in Something New by Ghanaian student Eric Okyerefo. Something New is about Adwoa who loses her job as a travel blogger and her life comes to a standstill.

The MTF Editorial Team caught up with these talented storytellers, to discuss life during the pandemic and their outlook on the film industry. Click on the links below to watch the short films and get to know the MTF West Africa Academy Class of 2020 better.

Watch Isolation Diaries:

Meet the MTF West Africa Academy Class of 2020:

Christine Boateng's Q&A -

Daphne Atsutse's Q&A -

Eric Okyerefo's Q&A -

Gbenga Gomes' Q&A -

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