• 04.06.2019

The clock is ticking on your chance to be chosen as part of 60 aspiring film and TV creatives of MTF Class of 2019!

4 June 2019: Thirteen Days – that’s all the time that’s left for you to enter for MultiChoice Talent Factory Academy! If you’re passion is film and television and believe you have what it takes to be the future of Africa’s creative industry, don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity!

  • 07.05.2019

Pan-African initiative is searching for 60 aspiring film and TV creatives from across the continent to be part of the Class of 2019


7 May 2019: Does your passion for video entertainment know no bounds? Do your stories wildly stir the imagination of your audience? Is your creativity inspiring enough to make you Africa’s next big content creator? If so, then MultiChoice Talent Factory (MTF) Academy is looking for you!


  • 17.04.2019

New York Film Academy partners with MultiChoice Talent Factory to ignite Africa’s creative industry
  • 19.03.2019

19 March 2019: MultiChoice Talent Factory (MTF), MultiChoice Africa’s flagship Pan-African shared-value initiative is thrilled to announce the launch of the MTF Portal www.multichoicetalentfactory.com The portal is the third touchpoint of the initiative following the launch of the MTF Academies, a 12-month regional film training programme aimed at upskilling the next generation of passionate young film creatives launched in October 2018 and the MTF Masterclasses launched in January this year to upskill industry professionals.

  • 13.02.2019

It’s one thing to tell a story, and it’s quite another to excite the visual senses at the same time. When Changes– Kenya’s first high end drama television series – debuted in 2009, it introduced a new level of storytelling in film and TV production in East Africa. One that was steeped in high-quality storytelling and visuals.