I am a writer, actor and  presenter

You only need to spend few minutes with me before you get a pen and paper. I was a very shy person till I discovered my writing skills which had helped me greatly to express myself.

You can also describe me as a Iconoclast as I would not be seen doing what everyone is crazy about. I love  the works of Art and the Acts of it. Life for me is a comedy and this has helped me a great deal to navigate. I have strong feelings for the week and in an attempt to protect them, I write. I describe myself as a Unique Being because the world could not have had it better; I go by this nick name- MWC (Most Wonderful Creature)


Location Scout
Production Coordinator
Voice Overs


B.A Dramatic Arts, Obafemi Awolowo University,  Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria. 



I started my media activities in 2014, worked with a Movie Production Company (Micro Media) as a Costumier. From there I moved to Television Stations as a presenter, script writer, video editor and actor.

Now I have my Story Blog - Omolarawrites.blogspot. I have written over 35 stories and there has been demand on me to write more. I have four soap series written -" Amigos", "Family of Four", "After I do", "Yes I don't ".

I am fully into writing now and I wish to spread my tentacles.