The epitome of a poised and an intriguing individual, seamlessly balancing ambition with a calm, confident demeanor. Possess an ambitious spirit fuelling my journey, I navigate life with the confidence of one who knows their path. There's an intriguing aura surrounding me, a magnetic allure that draws others into the enigma of my ambitions. In the grand tapestry of personalities, I am a unique blend of assurance and aspiration, making my mark with an unshakeable coolness that mirrors my collected approach to the world. Deeply spiritual but with an effervescent persona.


Voice Overs


University of West London - Claude Littner Business School (UK) MSc Corporate Communication (2016) BA (Hons) New Media Journalism & Radio Broadcasting (2011)


Over the past ten years, I've dedicated my career to digital marketing while concurrently cultivating expertise in radio broadcasting. Commencing my broadcasting journey at the age of 18, I refined my skills at university and through involvement in international and local community radio stations. Having spent over a decade in the UK, I developed proficiency in presentation, production, and writing, beginning my journey at Blast Radio and progressing to Westside Radio. Recently, I hosted my own weekend show on community radio in Chatsworth, Durban. In addition to my broadcasting skills, I am well-versed in voiceovers, emceeing, program directing, event co-ordinating, digital marketing, copywriting, and social media.