Ibrahim Rasaq Olamide is a self-motivated individual with a passion for filmmaking and a drive for excellence. He graduated from Moshood Abiola Polytechnic with an HND degree in Mass Communication and immediately set out to pursue his passion in the movie industry. Ibrahim began his career at Opee Media Entertainment in Abeokuta, where he worked as a production assistant and studied script supervising. He quickly established himself as a diligent and creative worker, and soon became a freelancer, working on various film production houses, Africa Magic original productions, and cinema projects. In 2019, Ibrahim was offered a job as a script supervisor on an international movie series titled "Deceptive Measures," produced by Zee World. Despite facing challenges, he approached the project with his analytical mind and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every scene was perfect. Ibrahim's main career goal is to become a director and direct a feature film for a major production company. In 2020, he took a big step towards achieving this goal when he joined "Black Creek Pictures" as a First Assistant Director and Unit Production Manager. In pursuit of his dream, he enrolled at the Ebony Life Film Academy in 2023, where he studied directing. At the end of his program, he co-directed one of the short movies, "Tales from the Toilet," showcasing his creativity and leadership skills. Throughout his career, Ibrahim has faced numerous challenges, but he has remained resilient, driven, and motivated by excellence. He possesses a sharp analytical mind and is thoroughly creative, with a clear sense of personal and professional accountability. Ibrahim is a humanist at heart, highly courageous, enthusiastic, humble, and always willing to learn. His passion for filmmaking and insatiable quest for knowledge have brought him this far, and he is poised to achieve even greater things in the future


Film Student
Production Coordinator


Higher National Diploma in Mass Communication (HND) is


I have over 5years on experience in the industry and I’ve worked on couple of commercial, Multi choice and Cinema projects. Birth Hurts, Holy trouble, Nimbe, Fair hearing, Keva, Saving Grace, Deceptive Measures, About to Mary…..