"The power to build and destroy depends on your words." That's what made me realize the power of script writing, and the impact I can make. I'm hyper active, obsessed with writing, a film geek. Have I mentioned that I'm a film geek? I love movies and visuals! I share the hope that one day, the stories I write on these notepads will mean something at the industry, and maybe much more at Multichoice. I'm passionate about this. Making stories of the untold. I need the pen more than I want to breath. That's who I am. This is how I live.


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I've completed my matric on 2021, and now on 2023 I'm heading to UCT to study a film degree.


I just got 18, and honestly I haven't stepped outside much. But I have been writing short stories at High School, and poems that teachers used to at their classes. I tried writing stories for plays we did at school for creative arts projects. Other than that, I'm still getting to expose myself out there to learn more outside my comfort zone.


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