Dutch Africa-journalist-turned-screenwriter

Good day!

Originally, I am a journalist, born in the Netherlands. I moved to Africa in 2002, partly because of idealism, partly because of curiosity, partly because of adventure.

In 2011

I decided to start studying the craft of screenwriting. The reason being that as a journalist, I ran into many stories that were really relevant to be told in my opinion, but seemed of no interest for radio or television.


would be the perfect way to bring those stories to the world. From a creative/personal point of view it represents everything I love: photography/light (due to my work as a photographer and light technician in a small theatre), sound (due to my history as a radio maker) and of course story (The Mother of it all: my first story was for a local newspaper in 1994) and first and foremost: my love for people and the way they (mis-)communicate.

The study of screenwriting and story

has continued ever since. Because I believe in sharing of knowledge and experience and in giving back to society.

I am volunteering

as a script reader for the Kenyan Script Writers Guild (KSG), providing members with (mostly anonymous) feedback on their screenplays.

I read anything I can about The Craft

I try to grow my knowledge with occasional workshops..... and throw that stuff out of the window immediately ;-) Meanwhile writing but not producing so far a few shorts, a feature and working on several projects.

To pay the rent

I travel the African continent with tourists as a pan-African adventure guide stuck between Europe and this continent.

Does sharing a coffee and ideas with someone with my multi-disciplinary/multi-cultural background appealing?

Drop me a line when in Kenya. WhatsApp is the best option: +254712348901


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Location Scout


Degree in Mass communication

Among other certificates


1994: Started working as a writing journalist. 

1994-2019: Worked for several broadcast organizations, as a radio-reporter, radio-presenter, -editor and wrote for several magazines and newspapers. 

2002: Established myself  as a freelance Africa reporter (pictures/stories/radio)

2002-2019: Wrote several guidebooks on the African continent (in Dutch). 

2016-2019: Appeared in several Kenyan short movies, one tv-commercial and worked as a co-producer a short movie.  

2009: Started studying screenwriting in 2009. 

Followed several workshops/masterclasses in Kenya, Rotterdam (IFFR) and Cape Town. 

2013-2019: Wrote several shorts and am working on several other projects ( a Tv-series being one of them)


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