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Degree in Bachelor Of Science major in Physics and Chemistry, University Of Botswana, 1998 


Advanced Photography, Ulf Nermak, 2011


Photography workshop, French embassy, 2009


Basic Photography, Ulf Nermak, 2008


Lighting and Camera course, Thompson Foundation UK, 2005.


Teamwork: Producing Quality Talk Show Programs. International Center for Journalists, 2005


Certificate in Editing and Chromakey Techniques, Deutsche Welle, 2003


Certificate in Basic Introduction to TV Equipment and Production, Deutsche Welle, 2001


Camera Operation and Techniques, Dipolelo Video Arts, 1999


Certificate in Basic Television Production Techniques, South African broadcasting Corporation, 1998


2010 – Now

Independent Producer, Series Producer – Colours Tv Drama

Heads  Swank Arrays – a production house that does Audio/Video commercials, Documentaries, dramas, Magazines, talkshows, and print media production.

I am part creator and series producer of a Botswana Television commissioned popular 26 episode drama called Colours. Also produced health show called healthChat, as well as a number of programs such as Little Feet, #BWHustle. Currently developing another drama series called Sparkle. Clients involve such organizations as KFC, Debeers/DTC, BTU, Design Surgery, Zhe, BAAA, Botswana Television etc. Was also a technician and cameraman for a full year contracted by Botswana Television to do all their live football games of the premier league.


2008 – 2009

Production Manager, RB2 (National Commercial radio station)

On air Presenter Overseer, On air scheduling Music format direction. Music compiling, Jingles and commercials production


2007 – 2008

Mascom Dumela Botswana. Senior Producer, Botswana Television

Came up with the breakfast show concept, then designed the set. Did the lighting plan for the set. Pitched the program segments. Produced the flagship segment DISCOVER BOTSWANA for Botswana Tourism Organisation, which entailed showcasing and promoting Botswana tourism destination sites and sounds. Provided leadership to the team.


2004 – 2007

Lighting Director and Supervisor, Botswana Television

The job entailed supervising all lighting personnel, doing creative lighting of the studio sets so as to create the requisite look and feel for quality pictures for all Botswana Television studio outputs.



2002 – 2009

Jazz music presenter, RB2 (National Commercial Music Station)

Job entailed on air presentation, researching on all forms of jazz genre in the world, compiling the playlist and promoting the local jazz music.


2001 – 2005

Producer – Diacha, Botswana Television

Diacha was an entertainment magazine show. Came up with the concept for the show. Personally filmed it and produced it until it ended in 2005.


1999 – 2008

Cameraman and Photo Journalist, Botswana Television

Job entailed doing and filming a variety of programs such as Magazines, Sports, Documentaries and News. I was the most travelled cameraman with the presidential entourage internationally then.