I am full of hope. Even when the negative is around me, I find myself always smiling knowing it's not the end. I've seen that with many circumstances and the recent is getting employment as someone who is about to graduate. Whenever my dad would ask me if what I'm studying will get me a job, I'd gladly say "yes. Definitely" as if the unemployment rate is not increasing. I just know my path would not end with my struggling but thriving, and it's all up to my work ethic that shows how much I am interested in achieving the amount of goals I've set for my lifetime. In addition, my name describes it all. It means to enlighten so I would always smile in any room I enter. I'm always down to cheer people up as well but not demeaning their feelings because every emotion deserves to be felt, it's just how you get yourself up from it that matters the most. I live with the motto that anyone can disappoint you but I can't and that's how I feel my independent trait has grown from that.


Film Student
Sound Design


I am currently in my final year at the University of Cape Town as an undergraduate. I have a triple major in Film and Television, Media and Writing, and English Language and Literature. Alongside my electives are Gender Studies, Economics, Management Studies and Multimedia Production. I graduated from high school with a Bachelor's pass.


Shnit World Film Festival 2019 Assistant. Production Assistant of Short Film "Muddied Feet" (2019) directed by Simamkele Mchako. Sound Recordist for Student Film "Braai Court" (2019) by Yuri Behari-Leak. Editor for a Youtube Channel that I starred in as well. Part of the crew for the SABC 3 Presenter Search 2018 Cape Town auditions. In high school, I job-shadowed at YO-TV at Urban Brew Studios.