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Turquoise Creations Production Cc is a Windhoek-based production company, fully registered and licensed in Namibia that specializes in theatre arts, talent building, events management and producing content for individuals and corporations. The company utilizes the audio/video technology to produce cost efficient promotional, award winning and video content. Furthermore, we are driven by the desire to tell crafted stories that live on entertainment platforms, for the Cultural and Creative industry. Turquoise Creations works hard to create thrilling entertainment experiences that will be inspirational and educational in our communities. We strive to give our audience performances of the highest quality. We have structured ourselves as a company with a board of owners and employees who are expertly skilled within the production field and are solely focused not only on the development of the company but on bettering the standard of production nationally so that Namibia can be also seen as a leading contributor to the international television industry. A corporation of our size cannot generate the commerce to much of an impression in the yearly statistics but we can up the bar sufficiently so that the industry in Namibia as a whole is forced into a position whereby they have to put up their eminence level.

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