Quirky, day dreamer, storyteller through her notepads and an eye for vision at her finest form thus expresses this persona and life experiences through the art of creative writing and the camera that ignites the story into reality. Currently, I am a self taught filmmaker and writer studying strategic communication in Marketing however once denied a place to study film due to space constraints is not a reason for Sade to not go for what she aspires to do. Africa as a whole deserves for their stories to be told by them regardless of nationality, race or gender, this is the new age of Africa and its here to stay.


Voice Overs


BA in Strategic communication in Marketing (bachelor's degree)


In 2011 to 2015, I Worked at a family supermarket called Margaret supermarket as a cashier and salesperson. Secondly as a commercial model at G3 modelling agency under the talent division in 2019.