Godson has been in the Botswana creative industries for 10 years now, formerly into Music management and Fine Art. He spent most of his student life as a brand manager for most of Botswana’s prominent artists being Culture Spears, Kast & Chama Gal to mention a few. This started his love for storytelling were he went on to study Film at honors level with AFDA and graduated in 2016 and had previously set for a Bachelor of Arts in English & Psychology with the University of Botswana in 2013 were he went on to be a Customer Experience Officer with Banc ABC. Godson was one of the few local filmmakers who got a chance to attend the Multi-Choice Talent Factory storytelling workshop which was facilitate by Allison Triegaardt.

He’s also a beneficiary of the Go-To-Market Programme offered by Stanford University which helps entrepreneurs professionalize their passion and this was made possibly by sponsorship from De-Beers Group.




BA (Hons) in Motion Picture Medium

BA in Psychology and English



Godson developed from being a Film Producer to Directing and even scripting most of the productions he was part of. He is currently responsible for the creative direction and funding of most of Isago Creative’s productions. His key areas includes pre-production tasks; content direction, client liaison on the various projects they uptake. Key career highlights are his involvement with producing for local and international TV channels were he has created a reality TV show for the Miss Botswana pageantry then went on to produce and direct the 2015/16 Botswana Queen's Miss World videos which she used to compete for the Miss World crown.

He got engaged through Media 365 Zambia to send a team that did sound and cinematography works for Our Perfect Wedding and Date My Family Zambia season 1s and to date his company ISAGO provides Final Mix for DMF season 2 and starting work on Season 3. Godson has produced the inauguration of the current Botswana President Dr. E.K.M Masisi for Maru TV and has also had a sting at film making of which he is about to premier his first short film THE BET in March. Isago Creatives is in the process of developing PHUDUHUDU THATHELWE a novel being read in all Botswana government secondary schools into a series and has written a feature film BARATANI; a story about the Lentswe la baratani tradition famous to Batswana.