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Zhēn: Chinese 珍 meaning "precious, rare", 真 meaning "real, genuine", 贞 meaning "virtuous, chaste, loyal" Clare: A cognate of Clara, which is derived from the Latin clārus meaning bright, clear, famous About us: Founded in 2018 on Women’s month by 25 years old Zee Nkosi, Zhēnclare is a private organization that is dedicated to changing the way we see ourselves and others as well as the world, through encouraging healthier and more humane lifestyles. We are an NGO, not to be confused with an NPO; We sell merchandise to fund the organization and run an online charity shop where profit goes towards donations (we buy and donate sanitary pads, food parcels, we also collect and donate good condition second hand clothing.) Most of the profit the organization makes goes towards funding our charity work and promoting better living. We are currently based between Pretoria, Johannesburg and can stretch out to as far as Pietermaritzburg and Durban. What we do: ZHēNCLARE is run by a private media house that funds our organization’s work. The production house associates (with), promotes and produces content that endorses and emphasizes the benefits of living a ZHēNCLARE lifestyle. Majority of the profit it makes goes towards our charity work: We purchase and donate sanitary pads, food parcels, blankets and clothing. We encourage giving back and believe that just as bad behavior can be adopted and adapted, good behavior can be too.

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