I'm quite the perfectionist, a happy person and a funny one,or so i am told.

I do not let anything stop me from achieving my goals. As i finished my high school year, i wanted to do  a course in film or IT but my parents did not see the sense in that so i ended up doing a course of their choosing. This however did not stop me.I have disturbed everyone i could find that is in the film number and even ended up communicating with Enos Olik who is a known director.


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Currently pursuing a Bachelors of commerce degree at Multimedia University and on my third year.


I practiced photography on my own.My brother is  also in film. i watched him grow from a bcom student to learning everything about film on his own and having his own show get broadcast and i ended acquiring a passion for it so I am a young boy trying to reciprocate his passion to actual skill and will give my all to whoever takes the chance on me