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10th Global Sustainability Film Awards Press Release

We are delighted to share the details of the upcoming 10th anniversary of the Global Sustainability Film Awards (GSFA)-tve on December 6, 2021 at the newly renovated BAFTA, Piccadilly, London.

“GSFA has come a long way over the past ten years and we are delighted that it is one of the most important annual environment event on the global calender, to celebrate and recognise films with an aim to reach global goals on environment, development and society, local and global. The first GSFA in 2012 took place at BAFTA and has since remained a success and BAFTA is now the home of GSFA. The drive to use the awards to raise awareness, encourage participation of businesses and corporates has borne fruit and we hope it continues to remain a harbinger of climate consciousness that may one day lead to an ecologically sustainable planet”, said Founder of GSFA, Surina Narula. 

“tve came into being 37 years ago to provide a platform where ideas, innovations and solutions are brought together through storytelling. A registered UK charity, tve works with filmmakers and partners worldwide to run media projects, make films and promote effective, evidence-based storytelling about environmental issues through films. We constantly encourage participation of the youth through our tvebiomovies, tveMasterclass and have several Youth Ambassadors across the globe. We believe our efforts will continue to add value to the resolution of climate change devastations,” said Chair, tve, Mei-Sim Lai.

“The world has been changing much faster than anticipated. There are many invisible heroes that are trying to reverse some of the devastating effects on our planet. Some of our past finalists and winners include: HSBC, Bloomberg, Dyson, and PWC, etc., who have catalysed a solution to combat climate change with distinctive solutions. As the Vice President of the GSFAs, we have seen numerous companies in the past 10 years make an insurmountable impact with the solutions and technology that they’ve provided, who are motivated by their willingness to make a difference within our world. However, while we are enjoying the benefits that the digital age brings, we occasionally still face the devastating impacts that these digital tools indirectly have on our planet. Therefore, we decided to set the next 10 year milestone by partnering with the Blockchain World to initiate a sustainable blockchain sector, which is in line with the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, in order to discover revolutionary technological solutions from AI and blockchain sectors; as we believe the best technology should provide solutions and solve problems, whilst bringing real benefits to our current society and the next generation,” said Grace Bian, Vice President of the GSFA, Chair of the Blockchain World.

Film categories and Finalists GSFA 2021

Category 1: Young Filmmaker Award
Its Bean Too Hot -UK
The Jujurana's Kingdom- India
Rivers, Humans, Future – Germany

Category 2: Adaptation & Resilience
Waste to Value (for WWF) -WWF
Day Zero - Exploring Solutions before Systems -Sweden
Fixing India: How Community Media Like Video Volunteers Changed During COVID-19- India

Category 3: Nature Based Solutions
An Ancient Young Village- China
Voice Above Water – USA
The Journey to Ithaca – UK

Category 4: Energy Transitions
Brown Forman Takes the Long View -USA
EBRD Green Cities – UK
NORCAP Energy. A commitment for the communities- Norway

Category 5: Clean Transport
Carbon Engineering | Producing Sustainable Aviation Fuel From Air- Canada
Electric Island: Building the First Public Charging Station for Commercial Vehicles in the U.S – USA
Swytch - Your Bicycle. Electric. The World's Smallest & Lightest eBike Conversion Kit – UK

Category 6: Financing Sustainability
Our Planet: Too Big To Fail- UK
EBRD celebrates its 30th Anniversary – UK
RCBC 2020 Impact Report Video – Phillippines

Category 7: Transforming Society
Sweet water, salt water, Sydney water. How do we sustain a healthy harbour? -Australia
S.T.O.P. (Stop The Ocean Pollution) – Czech Republic
The Journey to Ithaca -UK

Category 8: Documentary Impact
Nijgadh- The Untold Story of a Forest -Nepal
Against the Current -USA
Thank You for the Rain -UK
Planetary – UK


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Note:All Covid-19 protocols and guidelines will be followed at the event

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