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Who was the lead actress in the 1992 South African film "Sarafina"?
1 0 Terry Pheto
1 0 Basetsana Khumalo
1 1 Whoopy Goldberg

This Kenyan-American actor was in the book series-turned- film "Twilight". Who is he?
2 0 Nick Mutuma
2 0 Mwalimu Wako
2 1 Edi Gathegi

Complete the name of this 1973 Senegalese classic "Touki�?"
3 0 Touki
3 1 Bouki
3 0 Dieu

Which of these is the odd one out?
4 1 Nollywood
4 0 Ugaliwood
4 0 Riverwood

Who played Nelson Mandela in the 2013 film "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom"?
5 0 Sam Adegoke
5 1 Idris Elba
5 0 Nelson Mandela

Who played the lead role in the 2004 film "Hotel Rwanda"?
6 1 Don Cheadle
6 0 Nick Nolte
6 0 Scarlet Johansson

The 1988 film "Coming to America" may not have been made in an African country, but our continent is an important part of it. What country does Prince Akeem come from?
7 0 Soule Glo
7 0 Kunta Kinte
7 1 Zamunda

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most evil of mothers in a Nollywood film, of them all?
8 0 Patience Ozokwor
8 0 Rita Dominic
8 1 Sola Sobowale