My name is Maya-Angelou Buys, and no I am not a poet of any sort, but I would love to say that I am a storyteller. I tell stories, using both the visual and audio aspect of things, I call myself a puzzle expert, but the term we all familiar with is an editor. I have always enjoyed art in its many different forms, I once had a dream of becoming a great theater actor but now I find myself so indulged by everything technical in the television and film industry, that it is the one thing that keeps me up all night. I have found myself editing music videos and short films at film school, and this is where I found the thing that keeps me ticking. I am a big dreamer and hard worker, and extremely ambitious, a part of me is fulfilled knowing that as a female in the industry I am capable of doing anything technical just as great as any man would be doing it. I do hope that in the near future I travel the whole of Africa leaving a mark everywhere and knowing I have played my part in the development of the industry.