“I am my ancestor’s wildest dreams.”- Lunga Mazi Molema The above six-word story speaks to my value as young, black creative writer-director, but mostly as an artist. What separates me from others is not experience, and its resulting awareness/growth, but rather what I do with it. As a writer-director, I’m passionate about stories untold from perspectives unseen as storytelling is as much about entertainment, as it is about representation. In achieving this, I am an ambitious, risk-taking, lover of research-meets-execution in creative approach. Knowing the power of the pen from the sword, I always strive to do more than is expected to ensure something new is always served at the table. As a graduating film student from AFDA, where I have created six short films with my colleagues, I developed a top-to-bottom love of the craft, and learnt to appreciate and harness power of collaboration, patience, and an unwavering belief in the collective vision of a body of work. As a 21-year-old, I'm just 41 at heart - which means I like conversations, reading and writing. After work I'm either doing that or watching and reviewing films and television; and listening to music. My biggest obsession is working on creating stuff; be it a short film, poetry or just looking for stories to tell.