MTF Colours of Africa

Colours of Africa Series

My Africa is rich in culture. Our current lives are a result of what and who we are culturally and the effects of Africa modernization. Some African cultures and practices maybe fading with time. Yet, all these is the core of our identity. The Colours of Africa film series celebrates the love of African cinema. Film aficionados hungry for African stories can indulge in a feast of curated short films in celebration of African cinema. The series features 16 films shot and directed by the MTF Academy’s Class of 2020, available on Showmax.

  • Cradle

    Student Name: Masego Keduetswe Mohwasa
    About: A coming of age story about a young woman who is lead into the wilderness by her mentor and stays there in isolation for 40 days and 40 nights, where her bravery and discipline are tested untilshe gains personal growth and is "reborn".
  • Figure it Out

    Student Name: Nkosilesisa Kwanele Ncube
    About: A Young woman goes through motions following her father's death. However, her handling grief collides with her culture's grief view of what grief should look like.
  • Lost in Culture

    Student Name: Kaluba Margret Mayowe
    About: A young determined woman from England has no interest in African Culture but to graduate and achieve her dreams she is forced to come to Africa and must fight her jealous cousin determined to see her fail.

    Student Name: Lucky Orire Nwani
    About: Adaora fruitfulness comes with a full load of frustration and she needs her father to step into some ‘omugwo’ responsibilities.

    Student Name: Maurice Muendo Musyoki
    About: When a mother worries that her daughter has invisible playmate, she must delve into her own psych to identify the problem

    Student Name: Godfred Dela Duvi
    About: The demise of Oko, Akwetey’s older twin brother sets him on a roller coaster of emotions and recurring nightmares

    Student Name: Julie Ako
    About: When the bride falls during the wine dance, she may need more than ‘a sorry’ to prove the gods are not against her choice.
  • EGNA

    Student Name: Yoseph Baye Tegenge
    About: An artist must paint his best piece ever and win a national prestigious competition. But a recent loss is his mental blockage and his muse.
  • NYAU

    Student Name: Masuzyo Mwale
    About: A young village boy who thinks he os smarter than everyone in the village including the elders because he is from a new generation. But what is the difference between being smart and being wise?

    Student Name: Moses Irungu Muriuki
    About: Its excitement as the young couple hold their traditional wedding (Ruracio) until the uncle arrives.

    Student Name: Priscilla Calvin Marealle
    About: Dance rans in this family veins. Time and culture has changed, can they still dance to the same African rhythm?

    Student Name: Talemwa Pius
    About: A strange boy has arrived in this remote school that is set in time. Is he a trail blazer or a demon?
  • The Secrets of the Kingdom

    Student Name: Paulo Idalécio da Silva João
    About: Olivera goes to take revenge for his father's death caused by traditional events and when incidents begin, everything gets out of control.
  • Manda Aliza

    Student Name: Mphatso Makamo
    About: When Tradition and Religion stand between love: A boy and girl ready to be together forever, but what individually makes them may tear them apart.
  • Kegumbo Okegumbo

    Student Name: Hilma Sheehama
    About: When global pandemic hits a young lady and it causes her to lose her job , she goes back home and faces the reality of abondoning her culture.
  • The Lobola

    Student Name: Maira Armanda Isaías Tauacale
    About: A traditional father consumed by greed sells his daughter to Prostitution.