My undying love for singing, as well as the performing arts. I had a natural taking to the sciences when I was in high, and that was the career path I set out on, but deep within myself, I always felt a strong inclination towards music and film, so a lot of my hobbies became centred around that.


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I have an Honours degree in Chemical and Process Systems Engineering as well as a certificate in teaching and learning, but recently ventured into film making after having won a short film script writing competition run by the JAC Film School in the United Kingdom in January of 2021. Part of the prize was attending a 3 month long online course on script writing and film making.


I wrote, developed and directed my very first ever short film this year in 2021 through the JAC film school initiative that was run early in the year. Since then, I have been trying to learn more working on more speculative scripts.


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